Okay, for the time being, just so I have something here, this is the links page. At the moment, it's not too impressive, and I stuck to friends' pages, just to keep things simple. So, ever wonder were some of those quotes come from? No, I didn't make them up, some of these people actually said them. So, enjoy their sites, and don't walk outside the marked path. The bears will eat you. I'm not kidding.

Okay, in no particular order...

Friends' Pages: Because every crazy person driven by dreams of conquering the world needs minions

The Temple of the One True Akane: A shine mostly devoted to Shinji/Kaworu from Neon Genesis Evangelion--a truly worthy cause and shining tribute to a sweet and often neglected pairing. I often go just to gape at the picture archive.

just Gino: No, I didn't forget to capitalize the first letter. That's how he likes it. Don't ask me. ::Shrugs:: I don't question the King of Potatoes. This is the personal website of my wild and crazy theatre-going, movie-making, I-can-write-java-code-in-my-sleep friend.

Karen's Webpage for the Extremely Bored: Yes, this girl has too much time on her hands. ^_^ Fortunately, she's made a website for those of us who are in the same situation. Check it out and amuse yourself--it's what I do all the time. It has a lovely selection of time-consuming downloads, shines, a chat room, and hey! More links!

Layna's Land: She lives out in that strange and mysterious place known as Smith College, and by the look of this page, and the She-Ra story, it looks as if the finals has fried her mind, poor creature. ^_^ Go visit, but don't tally long. You may find that you have the sudden overwhelming urge to pet butterflies.

Chaos Central: majik's pages are going together, so we'll start with her main page, full of fanfic and...fanfic...really, I just go for the fanfic. She's a fantastic writer and the only person I know who writes in the fandom of The Mighty Ducks. No, the cartoon. Yes, the one with the anthropormorphic ducks. Oh, as if YOU'VE never thought about writing that!

Friends Never Say Goodbye: majik's tribute to the Road to Eldorado. Both of us really loved this movie... must have, we went to see it in theatres seven times. Or was it eight? Anyway, a quotes page ^_^ and some fanfic.

Mary's Midnight Madness: "Mary, the only creature of the night who is afraid of the dark." Knows more about webdesign and movie making then ever I will. Buffy nut. I'm not into the fandom, but every time I go to her page, I feel the overwhelming desire to watch it. It's strange. I'm thinking sublimina--SEAN GREENE IS GOD. WILLOW IS MUCH COOLER THAN BUFFY. ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOY. THE ELF ON YOUR SHOULDER IS TELLING YOU TO BURN THINGS... BURN THINGS!

Megan's Hollow: First I knew her as Liz, then I knew her as Megan. Now I just call her Scully. It makes my life a whole lot easier. She claims to be hollow, but I know her better than that. It makes a cute pun for her title page, so I'll let it slide. She knows more about X-Files and Kenshin than anyone I know. It's scary, really, expecially considering who I know.

Natalie's Webpage: Lovely, but don't let it fool you. Her little sister designed it. ^_^ A page personal page with flavors of a fandom that, for me, is remembered fondly: Sailor Moon.

Fate's Couch: It's the site made and maintained by Shey (better known to me as Duo), but I'm not sure about the implications behind the name, and I'm not sure I want to ask. But she writes well, she's crazier than I am, and has quotes that I was afraid to put on my page. ^_^ So check out her fanfic, her quotes, and sign her guestbook!

Sarah Beth's First Webpage: My personal favorite part is Sarah Beth's Catalogue of Mixed Drinks that she compiled through...osmosis. Riiiight. ^_^ Meet my lovely, crazy friend from Massachusetts.

Women Who Appreciate Anime: Not exactly a friend's webpage persee, but this is the homepage of the anime club at Hollins University, where I attend, and without them, I would not be the Gundam Wing nut I am today... maybe that would've been a good thing. Oh well. It needs major revamping, and as soon as I get my hands on the password, that's what I'll be doing. In the mean time, poke around and take a look. ^_^

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