(Since 2/18/04)


Life and Death:

(in which the aspects of life and death, both deep and shallow, are explored)



(in which we observe the peculiarities of faith)


Good and Evil:

(statements and philosophies from two sides of the coin)


Women and Men:

(the eternal conflict)


Love and Hate:

("I love you, you're change!")


Violence and Peace:

(or War and Pacifism, and all aspects therein)


Intelligence and Stupidity:

(the crazy things people do and say)


Reality and Illusions:

(wherein the smoke sits down and has a chat with the mirrors)


Wisdom of Friends:

(wherein I have deposited all the two-cents I've received)



("Withering Sarcasm Ego--Deflation!")



(that lovely obsession of mine)


The Game:

(D&D at an all-women's university)



(that three-month period in which I saw a lot of Shakespeare, had a lot of fun, spent a lot of money and forgot what the sun looked like)


Disneyland Paris:

(a break from London)


Totally Random:

(stuff that didn't fit anywhere else)



(an ego trip courtesy of my sleep-deprivation and lack of internal monologue)