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New quotes again!  This update is brought to you by: Xana.  Who asked so nicely.  ~_^


Slowly... the new webpage grows. More quotes! And another section of Running With the Crow. ^_^ My GW muse is back! So we'll see if she finishes anything. Until later!


Dude! Look at that! Exactly two months. Wow. Okay, enough of that. Well, Molly can stop throwing things at me and threatening to leave a horse head in my bed because I have UPDATED THE QUOTES! Oh yeah, baby. ^_^ Writing fic is going slowly (I'm sure that just stuns everyone here). Original characters have become more pushy recently and the school year has started. Running with the Crow is stuck, again, as it seems to do after every 20 pages or so. But it's still in the race! So don't worry. Until next time!


Well hello, everyone! This is not actually the first time I've updated this page in five months. Actually, I've been having little mini secret updates since... March? Feburary? Anyway. Two reasons I didn't advertise it: 1) I am updating with a story I swore I wouldn't put on my website until I finished it completely and by not announcing that I'm breaking my promise to myself I felt less guilty and 2) many of the people who are waiting for this website to be updated are actually waiting for the quotes section, which I didn't update, and still haven't. Sorry!

But recently, I received an email from Geocities claiming that I have not updated in some time, and if I don't do so soon, they will erase my site. Personally, I think it's a bunch a bull since a) I have updated recently--I just haven't noted it on the updates page and b) I let this go for about a month and nothing has happened. But, it's better to be safe than sorry.

So what's in this update you ask? Another part of Running with the Crow, a Yu Yu Hakusho/Crow crossover fusion thingy, all parts of which you can find here.

Are the stupid STUPID elongated advertizements pissing anyone else off? As soon as I have the money I'm buying a site somewhere. Blah.

Well, I hope to update again soon, but real life is very busy and I seem to take my own dandy time updating even when free time does exist. Oh well. Ja!


Wow. Okay. I UPDATED!! ^_^ From now on, I'm never promising to update quickly, because every single time I've said I would, it's months before I do. Another part of Child of Light, Child of Dark, and a newer, better, more updated Quotes section. Now I have to go off and get drunk, because Ryo promised me a party with plenty of alcohol if I ever updated again.


Just a small update to my quotes page while I gear up for the bigger update later this month ::Crosses her fingers and knocks on wood.:: Laptop Update: And there it goes! It's been sent back to Dell, and within three quick weeks... ::Makes face:: It should be back and as good as new... Now if only I hadn't left my power cords in London. ~_~;;


Yatta! I've finally done it! I got two updates in the same month. ^_^ Whew! ::Wipes brow:: So, I've added another part to Child of Light, Child of Dark. Um... that's about it. Oh! And added a non-graphics Fanfic page. In other news, Laptop Update: It is now in a box, ready to be shipped, even though I don't have the address and I unpacked all weekend and stil haven't found that number I need. Well, back to work!


Okay, this update is fairly obvious. I'm still not satisfied with the homepage design, but it's getting there. One good thing about being a receptionist at a large corporate computer company: I have a computer with a very fast internet connection that I can play on from 8am-5pm every day. So, hopefully, updates will be more regular. I'm having a lot of fun with graphics. ^_^ But for those of you who wish I would have a little less fun , I promise my next project is making a non-graphic overloaded version of the fanfic page.

Oh! Also, the guestbook is reconnected again and now works, but it's so empty and sad, since I lost everything to bring it back up. (Stupid Yahoo ) So please, if you have a minute, sign!

New fandoms on the horizon! I lost all of my YYH when my laptop died (laptop update: I haven't sent it off to the distributer to be fixed, yet. I need a certain number or something to specify the problem and I have to unpack massive quantities of crap to get to it. I'm thinking... this weekend) but a Kenshin muse wandered by (in the form of my friend majik) and a Slayers muse tackled me out of no where. ^_^

Well, back to work!


I'm back! Whew. London was beatiful the last three days I was there. Summer decided to finally kick in. ::Makes a face:: So then it takes me 12 hours on an airplane to get home, and it's raining. That's life for you. Okay! Updates... Inner Weather is complete and up! Don't panic about only seeing one link, I combined the four parts into one. My laptop is still MIA, so that means all other current stories aren't going to be updated until I can send it in to get fixed, get it sent back to me, hope they don't erase my hardrive, etc. In the meantime, I'm going to be working on the Links Page, rework the layout for a couple of my other pages, and maybe post a few new stories, though I don't really want to do that until my current ones are finished and to finish them I need my laptop back. Gr. Thank you for everyone who was patient with me during this long dry spell! I need to figure out what the heck is wrong with my guestbook... or else get a new one. ::Makes note:: Ja!


Okay. Anyone who actually visits this site is free to feel that I am a shmuck for not updating in so long. And here I am, not really updating yet again. I can only plead that I have good reasons. Sort of. ~_~;; For the past four months I've been studying abroad in London. My university program here only has two computers with internet access for 30 students. If I want to get on for any length of time, it usually involves dueling someone for it. As for why I did not update before I left, well, let's just say that I hate calculus with the fiery burning passions of hell, and leave it at that. So, just as I was about to update (about two months ago), my laptop broke and took all my fanfic files with it. In other words, I don't think I'm going to update (not even the quotes!) until this summer when I get my laptop back. I appologise whole bunches. For future reference, Inner Weather is finished, and Child of Light, Child of Dark has a new part (maybe two by the time I get around to posting), and my Yu Yu Hakusho muse has kicked in, which means there will be a new fandom here, once I get back on me feet. I hope you stick around for that long, and see you in the summer!
Oh, and to make everything even better, my guestbook doesn't seem to be working, I have no idea how to fix it. La! I love life! Grrrr...

P.S. If you want to read Inner Weather, it's posted in completion at the Yaoi-no-Hentais site. Thank you!


            Yatta! (I'm really enthusiastic about everything, ne? ~_~;;) The counter and Guestbook are back!! And, hey... I actually HAVE and update page, now!  Woo hoo!!  I think I'm having entirely too much fun with graphics...and probably pissing off the people with slower modems.  Gomen!  Gomen nasai!! Demo... I just can't stop!!  Okay, this is a round-about way of warning people that this site is UNDER CONSTRUCTION and is subject to change for the next week or so at my whim.  Oh!  And the Quotes section is updated!



                Yatta!!  The new layout is UP!!  Wow, for about a half an hour, I panicked because I couldn't get the new index page to load, and then my computer froze... so anyway, to make a long story short, I lost my guestbook and my counter.  BUT I have a brand new GUEST fic!  Woo hoo!!  None of my stories are updated yet. ~_~;;  I admit, I got carried away with making the page and neglected my stories.  But I SWEAR!  This week sometime--for sure!

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