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WARNING: This page is shonen-ai in nature. Shonen-ai means two boys (or men, in the case of most of these stories) in a more-than-"just-friends" relationship.  If that sort of thing doesn't float your boat, then you shouldn't be here, or, at least, you shouldn't read any of the stories. And if you don't want to read any of the stories, why are you here? Wow. There must be a more succinct way of saying that.†

ITTY-BITTY DISCLAIMER: This page contains fanfics, which means most of the characters and/or worlds they live in DO NOT belong to me. For a more detailed disclaimer, see the bottom of the page, and for some REALLY detailed disclaimers, see the individual stories.

Last Update: 9-30-04

Title Description Warnings Status


|† Part 1 |

Gundam Wing AU
It's the fanfic that begins "Suddenly, Heero found a naked Duo Maxwell sitting in his lap." What more do you need? ^_^

Weirdness.† Even I'm not
quite sure what's going
on....which is probably why
it's not currently going anywhere.†
Rating: PG


Child of Light, Child of Dark

| Part 1|

| Part 2|

| Part 3|

Gundam Wing Fantasy AU

5x2, 13x6, 4x3, DxR

Duo is being consumed by a dark power while the Oz kingdom wages a war against the unwitting Sank.

Duo-Angst. Shojo-ai (girl-love). Be warned, almost no one in this fic is straight. Heavy on the PLOT, light on the SAP, which is an improvement, I think

Rating: PG-13


Inner Weather

Gundam Wing
5+2 (4+3)
Five years after the war, the Gundam Wing boys gather for a special occasion...much to Duo's surprise. Wufei comes to an epiphany and acts on it, much to Wufei's surprise.

Heavy on the SAP, light on
the ANGST. Some bad

Rating: PG-15


The Convenience of Small Spaces

Gundam Wing
Duo and Wufei get stuck in an elevator...stop me if you've heard this one.

Heavy on the SAP, light on
the ANGST.† My first real
fanfic. Um... it shows.
Rating: PG-13


Sa-Chan Gets Her Man

(aka the abduction of Zechs Marquis)

|Merry Belated Christmas|

|The Birthday Addition|

Multi-Fandom, Self-Insertion Insane Crossover

This was a gift to a friend of mine when I didn't have any money... and had apparently been drinking waaaay too much coffee.

Self-insertion silliness, language, OOC characters,
crazy nonsensical
plot. Bad taste. Stupid
puns. The kitchen sink.
Rating: W for


Absent From Felicity

| Part 1 |

Slayers-Gundam Wing

Lina wakes up to discover she's in a very strange world... and a new body.

Nothings as of yet.† So far, no
shonen-ai, though. No real romance at all. I know, it's weird for me, too.

Coming Soon†
(As soon as I finish
watching Endless Waltz)

Enma no Rekka

| Part 1 |

Rurouni Kenshin AU
Detective Kenshin Himura, with the help of his wayward partner Sanosuke Sagara investigates a series of arsenal cases that may be linked to a much darker purpose than mere vandalism.

Very AU Rurouni Kenshin, AU Earth, Out of Character
Kenshin.† Original
Characters. I like Megumi. I donít like Kaoru. Though I try to be fair with both of them, some favoritism is likely to show through.†

Coming Soon

Falling Softly

| Part 1 |

Gundam Wing Au...ish
A new mystery brings old friends together in a race against time.

ANGST and DEATH; the first part can stand alone, but doesn't have much plot

First part Complete!†
And can stand alone

Running with the Crow

YYH/The Crow Fusion


Vengeance never dies.

Dark AU; angst; torture; references to rape; possible OOC characters.


Sick Day

By: Chang Meiran

WeiB Kruez
N/A Omi, Ken
My very first hosted fic!
Omi's feeling glum, so Ken and Yohji help cheer him up. Not like THAT you hentais!

Hm. Not much.
Rating: G


LARGER† DISCLAIMER: The characters from Gundam Wing, Rurouni Kenshin, Fushigi Yuugi, Star Wars: TMP, WeiB Kruez, and Slayers do not belong to me.† They belong to their respective creators and subsequent companies.† They were taken and used without knowledge or permission.† However, they were used in fanworks that I neither received nor was given money for.† And now that I've impressed you with my bad grammar--no money, no foul.

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